Experimenting: Various Medium Studies

Exploring style:

I took an existing image from my portfolio and started with small quick (5-10 minutes) studies. I wanted to see what mediums played well together and which weren’t so friendly. It was a lot of trial and error. I did about 25 quick studies in total. #1-4 are examples of quick studies.


I tried everything in my supply closet, which is a lot. I liked the way water-soluble wax pastels, oil pastels and charcoal were getting along (see #3). I explored those mediums further on illustration board (see #5). I started with charcoal but moved to an 8B graphite pencil. (Did you know that an 8B graphite pencil will draw over oil pastels?)


Time take things a bit further… In studies #6-7, I started to play around with different textures. #6 has a color pencil background and oil pastel foreground. #7 is done in gauche paints. Both are on illustration board.


Working a bit larger allowed me to loosen up a bit.


…And here’s the final portfolio piece! Overall, this was a fun exercise. It got me to loosen up a bit and try new mediums and techniques.